Sunday 11 March 2018

Adorable Hamster Bartenders Serving Tiny Food And Drinks (77 Pics)

Cute ball of fur by day, suave bartender by night—such is the life of Ginji, an adorable hamster who lives with his owner Kosuke Sato and other hamster friends in Japan. Sato, who works as a tombstone salesman in Chiba Prefecture's Yachiyo, often amuses himself by photographing his little pets hard at work in miniature restaurants, bars, and other places, surrounded by an astonishing array of tiny, interior furnishings ordered from the online manufacturer Re-Ment.

 With his collection of itty-bitty objects and the willing participation of his hamsters, Sato recreates perfectly ordinary scenes shrunk down to a much smaller and cuter scale. Ginji, who is humorously referred to as Sato's boss and the manager of the Japanese izakaya, can often be found preparing sushi, gnawing on fish, or eyeing a bottle of beer from behind the bar. When they're not busy working, the hamsters evidently enjoy a variety of other activities, such as reading little books, checking miniature iPhones, or relaxing at home in the company of even tinier pet ferrets. 

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