Tuesday 13 March 2018

Documentary Filming Gets Hindered By Curious Penguins

in 2011, a film crew went to Antarctica to film a documentary about emperor penguins.
this is their story

the Penguins were curious about their new neighbors
a penguin mob was soon created

"they're really curious and lack fear"
"its a concern. still, they come alarmingly close (to us)"

standing in line to observe ㅋ
bringing their bros to party
"they just won't listen to us"

"Go away!"
"send these guys away...please"
stole the crew's thermos
(hey, that's mine...)
the penguins kept blocking the camera so the crew use a penguin hat to lure them away

the penguins won't leave the crew alone
"don't come, don't come, don't come, go away, go awaaayyyyy"
the crew finally finishes filming
and becomes best friends with the natives


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