Friday 20 April 2018

22 Pictures From A Real Harry Potter Themed Hotel Room You Have To See

Anyone who has enjoyed the Harry Potter books created by J.K. Rowling, along with their subsequent films, will tell you that they wish the wizarding world was real.  Well, for all of you avid fans, the Georgian House Hotel in London has just opened its own splash of Hogwarts and all the rest.  Dubbed the Wizard Chambers, this suite of three bedrooms combines the feel of the private homes detailed in the series as well as Hogwarts – especially school’s dormitories.  No detail was too great or too small to be passed over and ignored, which is quite evident to anyone who has had either the pleasure of simply viewing pictures of the spaces, or the thrill of actually visiting them.

In keeping with the imagery of the books, the rooms incorporate many gothic motifs, from arched doorways, windows, and mirrors, to carved furniture and faux granite block walls.  Two of the rooms come with a single double bed each, while the other room is done up in a dormitory style with two beds.  Apart from the objects and choice of materials, the colors also mimic the imagery provided in the books and films, with dark walls and furniture colors contrasting with bright pops of cloth, all of which provides the perfect mixture of somber and cheerful.  Apart from the larger, more obvious aspects of the d├ęcor, the rooms also feature all sorts of potion styled bottles, Potter books and curios, as well as a whole slew of decorative objects that really bring the wizarding world to life.  These rooms have been a hit with children as well as adults who grew up with the books (especially adults who grew up with the books), thus testifying to the joy they offer all guests.

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