Sunday, 14 October 2018

Man Shares A Rude Note A Deaf Broke Man Left After He Gave Him Food (14 Pics)

With so many people living below the poverty line, it’s no surprise that sometimes they are forced to rely on the kindness of strangers to get through the day. However, with so many stories flying around about people who pretend to be poor or disabled just to scam people out of their money, people are sadly becoming less willing to help strangers.
A computer store employee had an unusual encounter with a deaf person who came into the store not to buy a new monitor or software, but to ask for food. Wanting to help but having no other food to offer, he gave a few snack bars to the disadvantaged man. However, the man refused to take them and left a rude note saying that he won’t be able to feed his family with snacks alone. 

Quickly concluded what the deaf guy actually wanted from a computer shop employee

As most people rushed to judge, others decided to share wholesome stories proving that not every person asking for help is a scammer

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