Thursday, 22 November 2018

Conservative Artist’s New Painting Perfectly Sums Up Trump’s First Two Years in Office

Conservative artist Jon McNaughton first rose to prominence with his portraits that expressed a deep opposition to then-President Barack Obama.
McNaughton is, without question, a supporter of President Donald Trump, and has since produced several incredible paintings that convey his support, such as one featuring Trump surrounded by other famed Republican presidents of the past, or one featuring Trump and members of his administration “crossing the swamp” ala General George Washington and his troops crossing the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War.
The artist just released a new painting of the president with a sporting theme that seems to perfectly encapsulate what has occurred over the past two years since Trump won the 2016 election.
Titled “All American Trump,” the portrait hearkens back to the early days of American football, with players dressed in plainly colored uniforms and leather helmets. Trump is the centerpiece of the painting — portrayed as a player about to score a touchdown, seemingly against all odds.
List of People:
Goal line: President Trump, Closest to Trump: Cory Booker, Three on the ground: Bill de Blasio, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Next row of four: Bernie Sanders, Richard Blumenthal, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Referee and three blue players in the back: Not telling!
Indeed, as Trump is in a pose akin to that of the Heisman Trophy while he crosses the goal line, he is alone in terms of the rest of his red jersey-wearing Republican team, the remainder of whom stand and watch from some 20-30 yards away.
Within 10 yards of Trump are all 11 members of the blue jersey-wearing Democratic squad, though it is notable that all 11 had failed to stop him from scoring.
Several of those Democratic players are easily identifiable, including New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, former Vice President Joe Biden, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.
Further back from Trump is former President Barack Obama — who lies flat on the ground after a missed tackle — as well as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin. Three other Democratic players, plus the touchdown-signaling referee, stand at about the 10-yard line, but they are not easily identifiable.
Hilariously, over on the Democrats’ sideline stands a throng of blue shirt-wearing fans, some in agonizing disbelief that Trump had just scored. One of the members of that crowd is a blonde woman in a pantsuit holding a sign that reads “What happened?”
Take a wild guess who that might be.
This piece, like many others produced by McNaughton, is full of symbolism and conveys the artist’s view of the presidency and how it relates more broadly with current events.
In this particular painting, Trump’s scoring of a touchdown despite the best efforts of the many Democrats attempting to tackle him symbolizes how he has already achieved so much for the American people despite constant attempts to halt his progress by the opposition #Resistance party.
Try though they might, they can barely lay a hand on him as he — at times rather roughly — plows through their weak arm tackles, stiff-arms them out of his way and tramples over top of missed tacklers to proceed toward his goal.
If this painting doesn’t sum up the past two years of what Trump has faced and overcome from his opponents while in office, not much else will.

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