Wednesday, 28 November 2018

SHOCK POLL: Roughly Half Of Millennials Think America Isn’t Great, Think Obama More Important Than George Washington

A new poll conducted for the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness(FLAG) found that a huge percentage of younger Americans are expressing their disdain for American ideals; almost half believe America isn’t great, and roughly 20% think the American flag is “a sign of intolerance and hatred.” 29% were okay with burning the American flag.
The poll, conducted by, surveyed 1,078 Americans under the age of 38. Its disturbing findings, as reported by the Washington Examiner, included the astonishing claim by 44% of respondents that Barack Obama had a “bigger impact” on the United States than President George Washington, the man who led the successful revolution against Great Britain, presided over the writing of the Constitution, served as the country’s first president, and took the historically unprecedented action of stepping down from leading his country to ensure a peaceful transition of power.
More disturbing findings: “Younger Americans (under 38 – Gen Z and Millennials) are becoming unmoored from the institutions, knowledge, and spirit traditionally associated with American patriotism,” the survey analysis said.
FLAG noted:
Half of those surveyed believe the United States is sexist (50%) and racist (49%); 46% of younger Americans do not agree that “America is the greatest country in the world”; 38% of younger Americans do not agree that “America has a history that we should be proud of”; 14% of millennials agree that “America was never a great country and it never will be”; 38% felt that “America is more racist than other countries.”
Nick Adams, founder of FLAG, stated:
We suspected that we would find decreasing numbers of Americans well-versed in our nation’s most important principles and young people less patriotic than the generations that came before, but we were totally unprepared for what our national survey reveals: an epidemic of anti-Americanism.
That half of millennials and Gen Z believe that the country in which they live is both “racist” and “sexist” shows that we have a major fraction of an entire generation that has been indoctrinated by teachers starting in grade school that America is what’s wrong with the world.

The Washington Post reported in 2016:
Since 2001, Gallup has asked Americans how proud they are to be Americans — a sort of patriotic temperature-taking. There are five possible responses: not at all, only a little, moderately, very and extremely … In that first 2001 survey, 55 percent of American adults were extremely proud to be American. That survey was conducted in January, though, and in the next survey, conducted after the 9/11 attacks, the figure jumped to 65 percent. By 2003, right after the start of the second Gulf War, the number was 70 percent. But then it started to drop. This year, the number of extremely proud Americans is at only 52 percent — the lowest recorded so far …
Republicans are consistently the most extremely proud of their country, peaking at 80 percent in 2003 but still at 68 percent — higher than Democrats ever were. Liberals are at 36 percent in 2016, the lowest figure, save for those under-30 types. Only 34 percent of millennials are extremely proud to be American. 

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