Friday, 15 March 2019

Gender neutral toilets with exposed urinals in West End theatre is branded a 'disgrace', with one visitor saying: 'I don't want to see genitalia unless it's my husband's!' (13 Pics)

A theatre in London's West End has been heavily criticised for having gender neutral toilets with exposed urinals. 
A impassioned Twitter debate ensued after a theatre-goer expressed their shock at the facilities at the Soho Theatre, saying they watched three woman try and use the toilets before 'turning on their heels' when they realised that there were urinals in them.
The theatre on Dean Street in Soho has, it is believed, gender neutral toilets throughout with a mixture of closed cubicles and exposed urinals.  
Soho Theatre was branded a 'disgrace' by a theatre-goer after they witnessed 'three women turn on their heel' when they saw the London's playhouse's gender neutral toilets 
The toilets at the theatre are gender neutral with closed cubicles and urinals  
Backlash: the social media conversation that started the debate on Twitter

The tweet provoked an angry reaction from many, with one saying: 'I would never use one of these toilets or take my young daughter in one. I'd feel too threatened and intimidated thanks to past experiences.'
The original tweeter said the gender neutral toilets 'made places less accessible for women'.  
@Alisdisgrace wrote: 'Women often use single sex loos to escape unwanted attention from drunk men, insistent men and creeps. 
'Where can we go now, when all loos are open to men?? You are removing places of safety for women. Make the men's loos mixed sex. Why do women have to budge up for men?'   

@AnotherWeaver1 penned: 'My daughters are 10 and 12, an age I should be able to let them use the loos in a theatre, sports centre, store etc on their own. The thought of them walking in on that makes me want to cry with rage. Why are the feelings & safety of females so disregarded?'
@SarahCholwill wrote: 'I had to use gender neutral WCs at a gig at local uni. Felt v. uncomfortable with drunk men using cubicles, door open. I don’t want to see anyone’s genitalia unless it’s my husband’s tbh. Also if it’s urinals what are women on their period meant to do?!' 
@DesBennett5 argued that toilets should cater for everyone, writing: 'EVERYBODY’S dignity and EVERYBODY’s identity should be respected. I would want my daughter to see and understand and especially respect everybody as individuals.'  
@JasonWithAJ1 retorted: 'Pretty sure you wouldn't want her seeing every part of their bodies though. You can understand and respect people as individuals without having to watch them use the toilet.'
@CabbageQueen2 hit back, saying: 'So you're campaigning for male, female, disabled and gender neutral? Good call. All you need to do is encourage local councils, architects, builders etc...' 

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