Tuesday, 16 April 2019

‘Conniving FRAUDS!’ Matt Walsh SHREDS Leftists with their own VIOLENT rhetoric for accusing the Right of endangering lives

Leftists LOVE to lecture everyone about what they should think and what they should say.
They also love to lecture us about how much of our money they should be able to legally take but that’s another story.
Over the past couple of weeks, the Left has been up in arms (more than usual) because of the way Trump and others reacted to Rep. Ilhan Omar disrespecting 9/11. No no, they’re not mad at her for being an anti-American harpy, they’re mad at the Right for being angry with HER, even accusing the Right of endangering her life.
Matt Walsh called them and their BS out perfectly.

Leftists: "President Trump is a secret Russian agent colluding with Putin!"

Leftists: "Brett Kavanaugh is a serial gang rapist!"

Leftists: "These random Catholic school students are racist bigoted scumbags!"

Leftists: "Stop with the irresponsible rhetoric! Lives are at risk!"

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The Left accuses Matt of incitement in 3… 2… 1…
By the way, when a liberal fired 70 rounds into a GOP baseball game, did any of these Democrats warn about "incitement" and "rhetoric"? No? Not one? That's because they're all a bunch of conniving frauds and con artists and nothing they say should ever be taken seriously.
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But tell us how you REALLY feel, Matt.
Right? It must be absolutely exhausting to spend your life that ticked off all of the time.
It's always frustrating how Democrats keep accusing people of things they're not guilty of, but that the Democrats are guilty of.
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More often than not the Left accuses the Right of doing what THEY’RE actually doing.
No one projects like a Leftist.
As long as they have the corrupt fake news media on their side they can say and do anything they want to.
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Sad, ain’t it?

And yet not funny at all.

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