Tuesday, 16 April 2019

OMG-LOL! Beto O’Rourke’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad ‘tax return release’ just keeps getting WORSE and worse

Gotta hand it to Beto O’Rourke, when he screws up he REALLY screws up. We suppose since Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders released their tax returns that Beto felt like he needed to as well BUUUUT it’s not exactly gone all that well for the only furry running for president in 2020.
Seems he’s not quite as charitable as Democrats would like to believe AND he’s made an over-deduction here and there …
So many OOPSIES.
When will Swalwell release his tax returns? You know THAT will be a hoot and a half.
His medical expense deduction = self employed med/dental insurance premiums. In 2014, this was $7684 (for a family of 4). Anybody else not in congress paying that low? And who's the CPA who doesn't instantly recognize he was nowhere close to the threshold for deductibility?

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Hypocrites! Talk big taxes and helping people but aren't very charitable and take every deduction offered (and more) and pay no extra. Exactly why I don't give a 💩 about seeing Trump's tax returns as long as he wants to cut mine.

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True dat.
Such a shame.
It’s the Democrat way after all.
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Amazing how frugal progressives are with their hard earned money, yet are desperate to yank every last dollar out of my wallet. I’m a retired police officer, and I donated more to charity than he did. What a bunch of hypocritical tools.
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Democrats LOVE giving money to others, just not their own money.
Cheapskate Beto seems like the kind of guy who conveniently gets up to use the restroom when the check is about to arrive.
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They. Would. COMBUST.
This is why you don’t release your taxes. It’s stupid, no one wants to see your taxes to say good job you paid your fair share. The only reason to look at them is to say you didn’t something wrong or bad, bc by law, no person pays the right amount of taxes. It’s not possible.
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Tell that to the Democrats who keep demanding Trump release his.

It’s all just one big political game and it looks like Beto LOST.

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