Thursday, 11 April 2019

Video Shows CNN Analyst Falling Apart on Air, Confusing Herself While Defending Obama Against Trump

CNN analyst Sam Vinograd showed herself to be the latest victim of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” this week after she defended former President Barack Obama and then attacked President Donald Trump over the same exact border policy.
As the border crisis deepens with each passing day, liberals and open-border advocates have been critical of the Trump administration’s handling of illegal immigrants.
In particular, activists have been crying about how the huge influx of illegal immigrants is being detained, claiming that Immigration and Customs Enforcement, under Trump’s leadership, has put children in cages.
That myth was debunked long ago (the “cages” were built and used under Obama), but Trump needed to give liberals a reminder on Tuesday since new reports have speculated that Trump will reinstate family separation at the southern border.
“Those cages that were shown, I think they were very inappropriate, they were built by President Obama’s administration, not by Trump,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office on Tuesday. 
“President Obama had child separation… I’m the one that stopped it,” Trump added.
But facts won’t stop liberals like Vinograd, a former staffer with the National Security Council in the Obama White House, from trying to justify Obama’s child separation policies — and attacking Trump at the same time.
Vinograd appeared Tuesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room” hosted by Wolf Blitzer.

“President Obama, when he separated children from their families, Wolf, it was for their protection. It was as if there was a risk of trafficking or other kind of harm that might have been incurred,” Vinograd said.
But children who accompany illegal immigrants are at still at risk of human trafficking — that hasn’t changed.
In fact, the current rate of illegal immigration is worse than anything witnessed by Jeh Johnson, Obama’s former secretary of homeland security.
Wouldn’t the alarming rate of illegal border crossings mean that children are especially at risk?
Check out Vinograd’s “Situation Room” appearance below. 

"When [@BarackObama] separated children from their families, Wolf, er, from adults, Wolf, it was for their protection. It was as if there was a risk of trafficking or other kind of harm..." – @Sam_Vinograd.

But when @realdonaldtrump does it, it's terrible and inhumane.
“But even if he did do that, why is Donald Trump saying that two wrongs make a right?” Vinograd said. “Again, Obama wasn’t wrong, but (Trump’s) saying that because something is happening under President Obama, he’s repeating it and upping the ante.
“He’s systemized that inhumane treatment that. Again, Obama was doing to protect children.”
Vinograd’s twisted logic is hard to follow.
She defended Obama’s family separation policy because it “protected children” but claimed the same policy is “inhumane” when Trump does it.
This seems like a classic case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Liberals aren’t guided by principles, facts, or reason. The only thing they care about is opposing everything Trump does and says.

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