Monday, 13 May 2019

9 Reasons to Start Using Orange Essential Oil

Who doesn’t love the aroma of peeling a fresh, juicy orange? The scent alone makes them worth eating. That aroma is due to the plentiful amount of essential oil in the peel of the orange. While I certainly suggest eating these delicious fruits, you don’t have to peel an orange every time you want the fresh and uplifting scent of orange, you can also use orange essential oil.
Here are some of the many reasons I love, and recommend using, orange essential oil:


Wild orange or sweet orange essential oil is an uplifting oil that boosts mood and energy levels.


Not just a delightful scent, orange is a hard-hitting natural medicine. According to research in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research found that compounds in orange essential oil demonstrated anti-cancer activity against lung cancer cells by causing them to commit suicide.


Orange essential oil is also a great all-natural anxiety remedy. In a study published in the medical journal Physiology & Behavior, researchers divided study participants in a dental office into two groups: those subjected to orange essential oil prior to dental treatments and those not subjected to the smell of any oil before their dental appointments. People were evaluated and those who inhaled orange oil prior to their treatment had lower levels of anxiety, increased calmness and a better mood. The Journal of Caring Sciencesalso found that orange essential oil helped to reduce anxiety during the first stage of labor among pregnant women. 


Research in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that orange essential oil is an effective remedy against depression.


I just add a few drops of orange essential oil to a cloth prior to dusting or wiping kitchen counters or other surfaces to clean them. Additionally, you can clean hardwood floors with 1 gallon of hot water, ½ cup white vinegar and 3 drops of orange essential oil. I have found that this blend also works well with any type of hard flooring.


An exciting study published in the journal Psychogeriatrics evaluated the effects of aromatherapy on 28 elderly people suffering from dementia, and the bulk of whom had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. They inhaled rosemary and lemon in the morning and lavender and orange essential oils in the evening. The researchers concluded that aromatherapy with these oils was an effective treatment for dementia.


Add 5 drops of wild orange essential oil to a face cloth and throw it in the dryer with your clothes to give them a fresh, natural, clean scent without the toxic chemicals found in fabric softeners. Use an old face cloth since it may be left with oil stains.


Diffuse wild orange and grapefruit essential oils to boost the mood in your home.


According to the Journal of Economic Entomology, researchers found that orangeessential oil worked like a fumigant against fire ant colonies. So, if you’re dealing with fire ants, you might want to grab a bottle of orange essential oil rather than the toxic chemical stuff most people use.

Using Essential Oils

There are many ways to use essential oils, including diffusing them or mixing them with water and spraying into the air for the purpose of inhalation, applying topically, or ingesting. However, not all oils are suitable for ingestion so please use only that clearly indicate their suitability for internal use on the label.
When certain oils are used on the skin, they can cause sensitivity to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Citrus oils, including wild orange, are the most likely to cause photosensitivity so be sure to wait at least 8 hours before exposing skin to ultraviolet light after using orange essential oil on the skin.
Regardless which method you choose, make sure you select high quality, pure, undiluted essential oils. While you may end up diluting the oils yourself, most of the oils on the market are diluted in less-than-desirable oils. High quality oils cost more than the cheap varieties on the market but are worth the increased price. Many cheap varieties can also contain synthetic versions of the oils, which offer no therapeutic value and may actually be harmful. But, worse than that, many cheap oils are adulterated with solvents used during the extraction process or toxic pesticides used in the growing process of the herbs from which the oils are extracted.
It is best to dilute orange essential oil to prevent skin reactions; however, after diluting the oil in carrier oil, always conduct a 48-hour patch test on a small inconspicuous part of your skin to determine whether you have any sensitivity to the essential oils. Do not discontinue any prescribed medications without the guidance of your physician. Avoid using orange essential oil during pregnancy. Use essential oils with caution and the advice of a qualified natural health practitioner if you are suffering from any health condition.

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