Thursday, 2 May 2019

‘Highest we’ve EVER seen!’ CNN’s poll shows Trump’s approval numbers on THIS breaking RECORDS and Lefties can’t DEAL

You know this had to be painful for CNN.
Which makes it all the more fun for us to cover.
Trump’s approval rating on the economy is ‘the highest number they’ve ever seen.’
Yes, yes that’s really CNN.
CNN Poll: Trump’s approval rating on economy “is the highest number we’ve ever seen.”
4,192 people are talking about this
56% approval rating on the economy.

Someone MIGHT want to check on Brian Stelter and make sure he’s doing ok.
And speaking of people doing ok, the Left is NOT exactly happy with CNN for sharing this little tidbit …
And he has some of the LOWEST numbers ever seen in other areas. It’s so embarrassing, but this kind of spin is all MAGAworld has
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Because CNN is all about the MAGA.
They. Can’t. Stand. It.
It just says ‘ever.’
Sorry, not sorry.
This should probably more accurately read 56% of Trump supporters approve of his handling of the economy. Polls are meant to shape how others view things, and when key factors are left out, all that's left is propaganda.
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It’s like they don’t realize this is CNN.
Or they do and they’re trying desperately to ignore that fact.
Right? But not great for Democrats who we all know CNN is secretly rooting for in 2020.
This is gonna be GOOD.

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