Saturday, 18 May 2019

Picture in CBS Story Shows Its Pro-Choice Headline Is a Complete Farce

The predominately liberal mainstream media has certainly had a lot to say about the new pro-life law just signed in Alabama, much of it farcical, incredibly misleading or patently untrue.
For example, check out an article from CBS News on the anti-abortion law that attempted to perpetuate the absurd narrative that opposition to abortion is a stance exclusively pushed by “old white men,” a narrative that CBS’ story undermines once readers get past the misleading headline.
The headline of the purportedly straight news article, which contained a not-so-subtle air of pro-choice opinion, reads: “Alabama just criminalized abortions — and every single yes vote was cast by a white man.”
The first line of the article revealed that the headline was only partially true, in that the 25 Republican state senators who voted “yes” on the bill were all white men.
But that same first paragraph undermined the narrative by noting that the bill was signed into law by Alabama’s Republican Gov. Kay Ivey, who most certainly isn’t a man. The inclusion of a picture of her signing the bill into law also served to undermine the “only old white men” narrative.
Today, I signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protection Act. To the bill’s many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious & that every life is a sacred gift from God. 
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CBS further undermined its own false narrative once again later in the article, as it pointed out — without directly mentioning sex, mind you — that the bill had been initially sponsored in the Alabama House by Republican state Rep. Terri Collins, a woman.

The article did, however, note that all six Republican women representatives in the state House had voted in favor of the strict prohibition against abortions in virtually all cases — again, undermining the narrative.
Thus, in the narrow sense of the Alabama Senate, yes — it was only “old white men” who voted in favor of protecting the lives of the unborn.
However, upon the inclusion of the woman governor who signed it into law, as well as the women state representative who introduced the bill and the other women who voted for it, the narrative dies.
In reality, there is almost no justification whatsoever for the left’s “only old white men oppose abortion” narrative, as it is women of all ages who are actually the ones leading the pro-life movement nationwide.
In a statement provided exclusively to The Western Journal, the president of the Students for Life organization, Kristan Mercer Hawkins, said, “As anyone who spends five minutes researching our movement will find, the pro-life movement is a movement of women and led by women.”
“Many of us have experienced the trauma of abortion or watched our friends fall victim to the lies Planned Parenthood sells. The tired mantra of ‘old white men’ is just another outdated, inaccurate talking point from the pro-abortion left, much like the phrase ‘just a clump of cells,'” she continued.
“I love how the pro-abortion movement always brings up gender when men vote against their wishes. Yet, when men vote with them, crickets,” Hawkins said. “It reminds me of the young man who was protesting my speech at the University of Wyoming last month. He held a sign that read ‘My fertility. My choice.'”
Proponents of abortion are realizing that most Americans are not supportive of brutally ripping apart and murdering innocent unborn babies, and as such, are growing desperate and radical in their efforts to protect that disgustingly dubious “right” at all costs.
One of their tried-and-true tactics — which has been overplayed and no longer works as effectively as before — is to play the gender card and assert that all women support the right to choose, a parallel tangent to the “only old white men” are in opposition to the fatal procedures.
Obviously, we know that to be wholly untrue — not just from Hawkins’ statement, but from CBS’ ridiculous article as well.
The truth is, there are passionate women and men on both sides of the debate, and while recent trends suggest the pro-life side is growing while the pro-choice side shrinks, this ideological battle is far from being over.
Narrative-busting men and women on both sides will continue to press the issue until this nation comes to an agreement on protecting the sanctity of life and when/whether it is OK to murder innocent unborn babies.

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