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10 Potassium Superfoods That You Should Include In Your Diet

If the word potassium rings some familiar bells in your mind and takes you back to your chemistry classes, then let me tell you that potassium is an essential mineral found in your everyday food too. Many of us might be indulging in a diet without even knowing which food is high in potassium. This article below will give you a brief insight into the wonderful benefits of a potassium-rich diet and also some potassium superfoods.

Benefits of Potassium

Potassium is an essential mineral which brings in a world of good to the human body. The importance of potassium is largely underestimated. As we studied in our chemistry classes that potassium is an electrolyte which is highly reactive in water, this property of potassium is helpful for many processes in the human body. A potassium-rich diet helps to reduce blood pressure and water retention. Potassium also prevents the body from osteoporosis and stroke.

It is the third most abundant mineral in the human body. It regulates fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve balance. Although our Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines include ingredients rich in potassium, you should have an idea about some super foods which have potassium in abundance.

White Beans

White beans are one of the highest sources of potassium with up to 829 mg of potassium in 179 gm (1 cup). This constitutes 18% of the daily recommended value.

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

Contrary to the myth, potatoes and sweet potatoes are very potassium dense vegetables and not entirely nutrition-less. A large baked potato completes 34% of your daily potassium requirement whereas a large sweet potato provides 18% of your potassium requirement.

Beet Root

One cup of chopped beetroot contains 518 mg of potassium, i.e., 11% of the daily requirement. This naturally sweet, deep red root vegetable is loaded with folate, manganese and nitrates.


One cup of roughly chopped parsnips, about 156 gm contain 12% of your daily potassium requirement. This white root vegetable is quite similar to carrots and is rich in folates, and vitamin C, which is essential for skin and tissue health.


We all are aware that spinach is a highly nutritious vegetable loaded with iron. But did you also know that a cup of cooked spinach or about 180 gm also contains 18% of the daily potassium requirement? Spinach is also very rich in calcium, manganese, vitamin A and vitamin K.


Tomato puree and tomato sauce are very rich sources of potassium. Around one cup of tomato sauce of about 244 gm constitutes 17% of the daily potassium requirement.


Orange is a citrus fruit loaded with vitamin C, but oranges are also powerful sources of potassium. A cup of orange juice contains 11% of the daily recommended intake of potassium.


Famous for being rich sources of potassium, a medium-sized banana completes 12% of the daily requirement of potassium in the human body.


Commonly relished in most Indian homes, 245 gm of yoghurt or a cup of yoghurt serves 11% of daily potassium requirement for the human body.

Coconut Water

A cup of coconut water provides you with 600 mg of potassium or the daily requirement of 13%.
These above-mentioned superfoods are easily available in India. So, if you are facing water retention or high blood pressure problems, then you should increase your potassium intake by indulging in these superfoods.

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