Saturday, 22 June 2019

ROFL! DELETE THESE! Eric Swalwell’s plans to end gun violence prove he knows absolutely NOTHING about guns

Eric Swalwell tweeted something stupid.
Huh, it must be a day that ends in Y.
You’d think by now with the negative response he’s received on his gun control platform that he might take things in another direction but OH NO, Eric is truly dedicated to making a fool of himself.
And hey, props for that.
Look at this nonsense.

Gun manufacturers must be held accountable for gun deaths.

For more on our comprehensive plan to end gun violence, go to 

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  1. No
  2. No
  3. No
  4. You’re dumb
It’s almost like he wants us to make fun of him at this point … which isn’t too far-fetched because we suppose any coverage he gets at this point is a good thing. Maybe?

And he wants to be president.
Legislators should be held accountable for deaths due to bad legislation. We can start with any and all deaths at the border that could be attributed to the action or inaction of congress.

I like this game...
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I would say that your supporters must be the most gullible people in the US but I just looked at your poll numbers and apparently there aren't any.
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Car manufacturers must be held responsible for vehicle deaths.

Silverware manufacturers must be held responsible for obesity.

Mattress manufacturers must be held responsible for oversleeping.

Duct tape manufacturers must be held responsible for kidnappings.
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You should also sue car manufacturers when someone drives drunk.

Because they're 100% responsible, right?
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What an idiot - what is a "hollow nose" bullet? And - duh - all guns with a barrel can be detected by a metal detector... Duke Nukem strikes out again
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Gosh, we’re no experts but it certainly seems like Eric’s plan is super unpopular.
Which is probably why is trending at 0%.


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