Monday, 29 July 2019

Actress Rosanna Arquette decisively proclaims that ‘all of the shooters in America have been White males’

In response to yesterday’s deadly shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, actress Rosanna Arquette offered up this very helpful take to facilitate healing and understanding:
The end, eh?
That's not true. You are not helping by spreading false info. I'm for gun control but recognize the 2nd amendment.

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Back round checks should be mandatory And semi automatic guns should never ever be allowed this is bull

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Speaking of bull, who wants to bet that Rosanna here has no idea what a semiautomatic weapon is? She sure as hell doesn’t seem to know that a lot of “the shooters in America” haven’t been white males. What happened in Gilroy was senseless and horrific, but what does Arquette hope to accomplish by peddling outright lies?

She can’t, though.
Not to Rosanna, they don’t.
Do we really need to make this about race? All these shooter's have one thing in common, evil in the place of a heart. The end.
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The end.

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