Monday, 29 July 2019

‘He literally says the opposite’: Tim Pool embarrasses Vox’s Aaron Rupar for deliberately misquoting Trump on 9/11 and it’s EPIC

Aaron Rupar has it so easy.
It must be nice to know your readers won’t bother to look beyond the ‘tweet’ or headline for the full story. And talk about being absolutely cocky posting a video where Trump literally says the opposite of what Aaron is claiming he said.
Take a look at this.
Tim Pool noticed the same thing we did and called Aaron out:
Is it just our imagination or do these Leftist types keep overplaying their hands?
Vox is the HuffPost of bad journalism.
He literally said that he doesn’t consider himself to be one of them.

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Me almost every day: Why do these people make me defend Trump? I don't like Trump. I don't want to defend Trump. And, yet, here I am, forced to point out that the media is flat out lying about Trump.

21 people are talking about this
Because even people who may not care for Trump are sick and tired of the lies and BS on the Left.
I would think any person who lived in NYC at the time of the attack would feel kinship with those who were at ground zero
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That’s actually not a bad point.
The first known case of TDS may well have been at Vox.
Well, never mind, Jim Acosta works at CNN but it’s close.
Trump so effortlessly puts out these tag lines and, bless their hearts, his hating trolls run with it

Reminds me of the fire ant bait poison which the worker ants would carry back to the Queen and thereby slowly poison her.

Trump is buried so deep in their skulls they dream it
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He owns them.

He owns them all.

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