Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Journalist Exposes CNN Glorifying Antifa ‘Martyr’ Who Tried To Firebomb ICE Facility

There was an attempted domestic terrorist attack in the United States over the weekend in which, thankfully, only the attacker was killed, but odds are, most Americans have heard little or nothing about this incident from the establishment media.
The media may have payed more attention to the man armed with a rifle and “incendiary devices” who stormed a government building on Saturday had he not been a declared “martyr” for the violent leftist group Antifa that receives exceptionally soft and even positive coverage from left-leaning media outlets.
Fox News reported that 69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen — an openly declared member of Antifa, as per the manifesto he sent to friends and associates prior to the attack — was killed by police early Saturday morning when he entered the grounds of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Tacoma, Washington with a rifle and “incendiary devices.”
Spronsen set at least one vehicle on fire and was attempting to ignite a large propane tank when he was confronted and shot dead by police officers at the scene.
The reason for CNN’s relative silence on the matter may be a bit more personal than just its unsubtle affinity for Antifa, as the network had actually highlighted the attacker and a leftist pro-gun group he was part of just a few months ago, as independent journalist Andy Ngo (himself the victim of Antifa violence at a recent protest in Portland, Oregon) has revealed.
Ngo tweeted, “CNN recently aired a documentary about the antifa militia whose member was killed in an ICE firebombing attack yesterday. You can see Mr van Sprossen at the 4 second time stamp in this trailer.”
The crowd surrounded me and one man threatened me with death. Seattle police were an arm's length away. I reported the threat after event but to my knowledge no action was ever taken.
Here is my video which captures Willem van Spronsen, the JBGC antifa militia member who was killed yesterday outside the Tacoma, Washington ICE facility. Police say he arrived with a rifle & began to firebomb the place & attempted to make a tank explode.
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The trailer and documentary referenced by Ngo were from CNN host W. Kamau Bell and his “United Shades of America” program, which had aired on May 5.
That program cheered on the members of the Antifa-affiliated “Redneck Revolt,” a group of white liberal gun owners that were training to fight against so-called fascists and white supremacists.
Bell had called the group “good guys” and had openly wondered why “more white people” didn’t share the group’s ideological views, according to Fox.
Dan Gainor, vice president of the Media Research Center, told Fox News, “CNN has done more to give the psycho domestic terrorists of Antifa credibility than any other outlet.”
“Now Antifa has escalated from attacking people in the street to sending a journalist to the hospital with a brain hemorrhage to, finally, a deadly act of domestic terrorism,” Gainor added, referencing the assault on Ngo. 
This isn’t the first time that CNN has praised the violent, black-clad, mask-wearing, armed goons of Antifa, as CNN hosts like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon — among others — have compared the “anti-fascists” to the brave men who stormed the beaches of Normandy in World War II to fight actual Nazis.
Where are all of the thoughtful pieces from the media about how the increasingly hyperbolic rhetoric about ICE officials being racist is unnecessarily inflaming the public and inciting people to violence?
Had this individual been a conservative and the target was a Planned Parenthood clinic, we would be deluged with such articles and incessant demands for everyone on the right to denounce the individual and any groups they may be aligned with. But it was a leftist attacking an ICE facility, so silence is what we get instead.

There is no denying that CNN and the other predominately liberal media outlets have given groups like Antifa legitimacy despite their halfhearted denials to the contrary.

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