Saturday, 6 July 2019

People Use ‘Science’ To Prove Disney Has To Change The Lead Actor Of The Little Mermaid ‘Cause She Can’t Be Black

It’s 2019 and 182 years have passed since the first publication of The Little Mermaid. However, some people appear to be stuck in 1837. Or the middle ages. You see, Disney has announced that Halle Bailey will star as Ariel in The Little Mermaid remake, and they’re pointing out her skin color. As most of their arguments have been quickly exhausted and proven invalid for multiple reasons, the most persistent protesters have turned to “science” to support their claims. But their newest attempts to ignite racial tensions have failed just as miserably as the initial ones.

Recently, Disney announced that singer Halle Bailey will star as Ariel in The Little Mermaid remake

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Not everyone was happy with the decision

Some people are trying really hard to find a reason why Ariel cant be black, and they even turned to “science”

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However, they were instantly shut down

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People simply aren’t buying their “theories”

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