Tuesday, 9 July 2019

SNL skit? This Bernie Sanders campaign video about canceling student debt is not a parody … we think

It looks like Bernie Sanders is getting into social media in a big way this time around, and his campaign has put together a video about his plan to cancel all student debt. At least, we think his campaign put it together, but the whole thing’s got a serious 3 a.m. cable TV commercial vibe about it. We didn’t take his plan to cancel student debt seriously before, but now it looks like a complete joke too.
Have a look. His press secretary even whips off her shades to let you know she means business.
Our plan: Cancel student debt. Make Wall Street pay for it. Free 45 million Americans from $1.6 trillion in loans.
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This felt like an infomercial, but seedier. Very predatory to make this sound like a 100% done deal if you’re elected. It’s a goal you *hope* to achieve, yes, but the odds are against it passing. Ok to dream big, but don’t sell it as sure a thing. It’s unethical.
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Narrator: Bernie Sanders is not going to be elected, nor will he be the nominee.
Oh cool. When can I expect the refund check for payments made? Also, I’d like a do-over on ages 21-25 as I made choices re: internships, jobs, and cities based on whether I could pay my loans. Let me know when it’s in the mail.
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But wait, that’s not all! Elect Bernie now and we’ll throw in these bonus offers! Free health care! Free childcare! Free college!
There’s nothing universal about student loan debt. An overwhelming majority of debt is held by a minority of upper middle class & wealthy 20 & 30 somethings best positioned to pay it off.

Additionally, this entire crisis was created by gov back loans in the first place.
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+Now you're promising to cancel all graduate school debt, too? Attorneys working for big firms & raking in big dollars - I'm paying their debt under your plan? Med students who choose big money fields instead of going into undersubscribed fields like general practice? No thanks.
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When I remember the posts after 2016 from Bernie supporters who thought they’d get their campaign donations refunded since he didn’t win, I know there are people out there foolish enough to believe this hogwash.
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You get a unicorn!
And you get a unicorn! EVERYBODY gets free unicorns since...drum roll please: “Wall Street” will pay for it!

Only Bernie knows how to wave his magic wand and poof! He’s just been hiding his powers during his 39 (!) years in Congress! 🙄
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Make “Wall Street pay for it” is code for...

...Pillage the workers’ 401K plans and pension plans which include most states’ employees retirement & pension plans.

Bernie is a thief, a communist.
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Congratulations on once again cheesily lying to young people about something that will never happen.
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How will Wall Street pay for it? What’s your plan to “make” them? Will the government seize their assets? How will you get the Senate to pass a massive tax increase on their largest donors?

Isn’t it disingenuous to throw out a plan that has no chance of being enacted?
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All debt should be cancelled, not just student debt. In fact I owe my friend $20 for gas money and I'm waiting to see who wins the election before I decide what I'm going to do about that.
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