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‘They won’t answer this’: @redsteeze et al. shine blinding spotlight on media’s mental acrobatics on behalf of fake Native American Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is having a tough time shaking that whole falsely-claiming-Native-American-heritage-and-using-it-to-further-her-career-while-taking-opportunities-from-actual-Native-Americans thing, but hey, at least she’s got the media on her side.
“Racist attacks.” Is that what criticism of her shameless lies was?
Apparently it’s not racist to claim someone else’s culture and heritage as your own, but it’s totally racist to get called out on it. What a time to be alive.
Meanwhile, as Democratic presidential candidates speak at a Native American forum, the RNC is all in on fueling racism against Native Americans.

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Sorry … how, exactly, is that “fueling racism against Native Americans”?
Lol literally no one outside of your progressive bubble thinks this is racism

No one is fueling anything against native Americans. The RNC is simply pointing out a white person who pretend to be NA in order to advance her career.

Seems to me the racism is from the person who falsified her minority status for financial gain, not the people who point out her lies.

Uh... no one’s dunking of Native Americans. They dunk on Warren because she pretended to be one. You can’t possibly be this stupid.

Hey, Jennifer … think you could direct some of that righteous indignation at Elizabeth Warren? You know, the person who’s actually guilty of racism?
Media firefighters apparently have their marching orders.
It's not rocket science. @RepDebHaaland routinely talks about why it's so disrespectful every time Trump or the GOP mocks Pocahontas' name. From one her of her posts on this:

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Nobody is mocking Pocahontas name. This is the issue at heart of Warren's claim. Which is more offensive? Calling a white woman who claimed to be native American a native American name, or a white woman who claimed for decades she was a Cherokee Indian.

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I think you can get why citing a Democrat politician to defend another Democrat is going to be insufficient here. Perhaps you should start by asking Warren what mistakes she claimed she made, as her video which she just removed claimed it vindicated her claims in Law School.

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Yeah, Warren doesn’t really get into any detail about her “mistakes”:
"Like anyone who's been honest with themselves, I know I have made mistakes," Elizabeth Warren tells a Native American forum in Iowa. "I am sorry for harm I have caused. I have listened, and I have learned. A lot."

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"I know I have made mistakes. I am sorry for harm I have caused," Warren begins, touching on her tribal ancestry drama. "I have listened & I have learned a lot. I am grateful for the many convos that we've had together."

Response: solid applause.

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Alleged reporters like Jennifer Bendery seem decidedly incurious about Elizabeth Warren’s offenses.
media and warren are trying to push two narratives simultaneously: Warren is apologizing.. for something.. she won't say what.. while her allies in media are claiming mocking the thing she is apologizing for is a racist attack against her.

So which is it?

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Whichever helps Elizabeth Warren. That’s all any of this was ever about.

The GOP's email literally says "Fauxcahontas."

In the subject line. In a glaring headline in the body of the email.

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Jennifer, this isn't a hard question. They are referring to Warren. The only way this is a racist slur is if Warren is a Native American. Is Elizabeth Warren a Native American, as she claimed on law licenses and through law school? Y/N ?

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Stop. It’s not fair to put Jennifer in this position. She’s clearly not equipped to deal with being asked to explain herself. Guess she has that in common with Elizabeth Warren.
Nobody is mocking Pocahontas' name?

Are you joking?

Have you missed remarks/statements/tweets from the president of the United States?

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If we called Rachel Dolezal “Fauxprah Winfrey,” that would not be making fun of Oprah or her name. I suspect you already recognize this, however.

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And you’re not going to get one.

There’s still plenty more media malpractice where all that came from:

AP says she "directly" tackled the issue, but she only referred to "mistakes" without specifically saying what she did.

I am more interested in this in a media lens than diagnosing Warren's strange handling of this situation over the years. She gets breaks others don't.
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