Tuesday, 13 August 2019

‘Welcome to THUNDER DOME:’ AOC ‘tattles’ on Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy for his union tweets ANNND we’re dead now

Dave Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports which is a satirical sports and pop culture blog.
But then again, we suppose it’s possible Dave really doesn’t like unions … most sane people don’t.
Portnoy: BAHAHA! I hope and I pray that Barstool employees try to unionize. I can’t tell you how much I want them to unionize. Just so I can smash their little union to smithereens. Nothing would please me more than to break it into a million little pieces. Oh you think you deserve health insurance? You don’t think you should have to work with squirrels in the office? You don’t think I should duct tape Hank to the walls? Well now yis can’t leave! No more free water! No more vacation days! I’m gonna dump rats into the walls! You haven’t seen anything yet! Unionize Nate! Unionize Trent! I dare you!  Trent you’ll be back working security at Walmart in a blink of an eye! KFC will be doing my accounting! No more fancy pants weddings! Hank will be an exhibit at the Museum of Science!  UNIONIZE I DARE YOU!
Hilarious but hey … you can never be too careful.
Or something.
Rafi Letzter offered to chat with Barstool employees about unionizing …
If you work for Barstool and want to have a private chat about the unionization process, how little power your boss has to stop you, and how you can leverage that power to make your life better: my DMs are open.

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And Portnoy responded:
Over and over again.

If all the people in my mentions would spend more time working and less time tweeting you would be rich and powerful like me and wouldn’t need your blogging unions to protect you.

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Blogging unions?
Hrm. Is there such a thing?
Oh, and look whose attention he got:
If you’re a boss tweeting firing threats to employees trying to unionize, you are likely breaking the law &can be sued,in your words, “on the spot.”

ALL workers in the US have the protected freedom to organize for better conditions.

See @NLRB &union orgs like @AFLCIO for tips. 
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HOO boy.
True story.
Put this DIRECTLY into our veins.
Too damn funny.
But wait, it gets better:


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