Sunday, 8 September 2019

‘Annd you wonder why people think you’re a MORON’: Another day, another right AOC claims we have that is NOT a right

It is ridiculously and grotesquely expensive to live in New York City.
And in other news, a pig’s backside is still pork and water is still wet.
One woman who was searching for an apartment in NYC was asked to pay a $100 application fee, followed by a $400 “processing fee,” even though such upfront fees had been capped at $20 as a result of new rent laws passed by New York lawmakers in June. 

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Gosh, we’re shocked.
Oh, wait.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez must’ve noticed this tweet since it mentions NYC, although she typically doesn’t show much interest in her own state. We suppose she’ll snag any opportunity she can to make up her own ‘rights’ though.
AOC, housing is not a right.
And she was so close to actually caring about something she might be able to do something about.
Housing is not a "right". Why is everything a "right" and all sense of responsibility thrown out the window? That's a major problem in this country.

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Maybe you should talk to @BilldeBlasio about that. Oh, you know what would have lifted about 25,000 people out of lack of income? 🤔🤔🤔 maybe jobs at @amazon might have done it. Maybe...🤔🤔🤔

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Where do you get these “rights”. Bc you think of them???? You wonder why people think you’re a moron?

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Right next to free college and fee healthcare, duh.
Quite ironically, NYC's rent control laws are the very reason housing is so atrocious there

It's the typical scenario. Govt causes all kinds of problems and then acts like it's someone else's fault and demands more power to fix the problems that it caused in the first place
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See that’s not how rent works. One person owns something. If someone else wants to use it, they can pay what is asked or get it from someone else. Try not being a socialist for like 5 minutes.
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Let’s hope she’s taking notes.

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