Monday, 23 September 2019

EAT THE RICH: Julio Rosas’ #ShutDownDC thread features some HILARIOUS footage and the BEST signs from the protest

If you spend anytime on social media today, especially on Twitter, you’ll no doubt come across the #ShutDownDC tag highlighting a group of goombahs who think shutting down traffic (you know, with a bunch of running cars) is somehow a good idea when you’re fighting climate change.
No one ever accused these folks of being the sharpest tools in the shed.
Julio Rosas has been good enough to create a thread of the crazy, the funny, and some of the best signs that he’s seen at today’s so-called protest. So far.
Still not having an issue with these people claiming they won’t have kids.
Here's a better view of the Shut Down D.C. climate protesters blocking Massachusetts Avenue and North Capitol Street.

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Looks sorta … tiny.
The climate protesters are now throwing confetti and dancing in the intersection while chanting "Climate Justice, now!"

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Confetti … litter.
And dancing.
That’ll show those carbon emissions!

More confetti throwing by climate protesters while chanting "hey hey ho ho fossil fuels have got to go!"

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As they block cars making said cars burn more fossil fuel.
They handcuffed themselves to a boat.
Well, that’ll totally save the planet.
So it looks like the Shut Down D.C. protesters managed to chain their arms in tubes around the boat, forcing police to cut the tubes to get them out.
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The footage is pretty whack but the signs make the thread …
What a toughie.
Eat the rich.
Every billionaire is bad.
But sure, these people are totally sane and stuff.
Is it just us or do these yahoos seriously need to get a job?
D.C. police have now removed all of the climate protesters who chained themselves to the boat. They tell me they're not arresting the protesters.
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My body realizing it's going to have to chase down liberal protesters all over a city on very little sleep and no breakfast.
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Not all heroes wear capes, man.

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