Friday, 20 September 2019

Ohio church sign tells AC unit thief: keep it. It's hot where you're going

An Akron, Ohio, church left a message for the thief who stole its $3,500 AC unit three weeks ago: “Keep it. It’s hot where your [sic] going."
The Akron Alliance Fellowship Church called police after someone stole their brand new unit. “We hadn’t even made the first payment on it yet,” Pastor Gus Brown said, Fox 8 in Cleveland reported.

“They cut the wires nicely, they cut the tubing with a tubing cutter, Brown said. "They had to know what they were doing. It had to be at least two, because one person would not have been able to pick it up."
“You are wrong and staying on this path will only get you one place,” Brown said of the thief. “And we don’t want you to go there. Our desire is to even see him at our church one day.”

The church is now raising funds for a new AC unit, Fox 8 reported.

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