Thursday, 19 September 2019

This High School Allowed Seniors To Wear Costumes In Their Student IDs, Probably Didn’t Expect A Result Like This (30 Pics)

High school can be the best time of your life. Especially if you go to North Farmington High School in Michigan where the students are given a huge amount of freedom for self-expression. Case in point, the school’s annual tradition that sends viral shockwaves through the internet year after year.

North Farmington High School seniors dressed up as their favorite movie, pop culture or real-life characters for their school ID photos, and the results are as cool as they are hilarious. So get ready to have a hearty chuckle, scroll down and upvote your fave pictures. Drop us a comment below about which photos you thought were the best and the most original, and whether they’ve given you ideas of whom to dress up as this Halloween. Also make sure to scroll down for our interview with North Farmington High School's Principal Joe Greene!

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