Thursday, 12 September 2019

‘This is pretty psycho’: Nicolle Wallace says Donald Trump calling the media ‘enemy of the people’ always makes her think of 9/11

Did Congress write some kind of law that says people have to spend 9/11 vomiting up garbage takes? Because holy hell, it’s a nonstop dumpster fire today.
Here’s Nicolle Wallace’s entry into the mix:
I was in the WH on 9/11 -after 3rd plane crashed we evacuated with the WH press corps on orders from the USSS who pointed up and said “they’re coming.” We ran out the NW gate together-potential targets of terrorists. When Trump calls press enemy of the people I think of this day

You do, do you?
Yeah thats right... journalists are the real victims of 9/11 how silly of us

So sorry, youre the real victim here

Journalists were the real 9/11 firefighters, you guys.

How the hell did you just make yourself & WH press corp, the victims of 9/11? Check your ego and delete this

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