Thursday, 12 September 2019

‘This … is a privilege.’ Dr. Sayed A. Tabatabai’s thread about seeing older patients is the BEST thing you will read today

A thread like this from Dr. Sayed A Tabatabai talking about treating his older patients (and educating a young doctor to be) was a welcome breath of fresh air.
Read the whole thing.
You’ll thank us.
The medical student shadowing me looks over my clinic schedule. She sighs exaggeratedly.

“Doctor T, your YOUNGEST patient today is 70. Don’t you get tired of only seeing older patients?”

I look down at my patient list, and smile.

I don’t see what she sees... 1/

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We suggest you get a tissue or FIVE now.
Trust us.
Keep reading.
At first glance, you might find Carl a bit intimidating.

Gruff and with a jaw that stubbornly juts out, as if DARING you to try him, he seems perpetually irritated.

But Carl runs a dance studio, and still dances every day.

At 70.

And when he smiles, the sun shines for him. 2/

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We love Carl.
Gladys shows me a photograph.

She seems proud, and I regard it carefully. It’s a black-and-white shot of a concert. A young singer has his back to the camera. The rest is a sea of screaming fans.

A young Gladys is in the front row, clearly visible.

The singer?

Elvis. 3/

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And we love Gladys too.
And now we love John and Lucy too.
Annnd now is a good time for the tissue.
Howard. We so adore Howard.
Everyone needs an Alma in their life.
Steve is AWESOME.
Did we mention we love Mike?
More tissue.
We’re not crying, YOU’RE crying.

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