Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Woman arrested after burning American flag in Virginia. Firefighters have the perfect response.

Virginia police announced last week they had arrested 22-year-old Kayla Caniff for burning an American flag and destroying property in the process.
According to WRC-TV, an Arlington police officer arrested Caniff after spotting her burn a flag attached to a chain link fence late Thursday night. She was subsequently charged with property destruction.
In response, Fairfax County firefighters unfurled a giant American flag at their training center and placed 16 American flags on overpasses along Interstate 66 to honor 9/11 victims. 
Unfortunately, Caniff was not the only person arrested for desecrating the American flag and destroying property in the area last week.
Police also nabbed 39-year-old Maria Arif for destroying American flags and other property in several northern Virginia neighborhoods. She was charged with larceny, destruction of property, and "two counts of mutilating a U.S. flag," WTTG-TV reported.  

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