Friday, 11 October 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fires back at uproar over her nearly $300 hairstyle: ‘They’re just mad we look good’

Ocasio-Cortez’s critics also pounced on the Times report and accused the Democrat of being a hypocrite for splashing out on her hair while taking a stand against income inequality. The Times also contrasted her cut and color to Jeff Sessions’s reportedly thrifty trim, and suggested she should have saved money by visiting the House barber.
“She could get a cheap haircut and give the rest away to those in need,” read one complaint on Twitter.
Now the congresswoman, who turns 30 next week, is pushing back against the uproar. On Thursday, she interrupted her visit to Copenhagen for the C40 World Mayors Summit to call out the “right-wing” for fixating on her hair rather than tackling poverty.
She credited Democratic socialist policies for advancing “prosperity for working people,” sassily adding that critics are ‘just mad we look good doing it.”
“I wonder if Republicans care about corruption as much as they care about a woman’s cut and color,” she added in a follow-up tweet which referenced Vice President Mike Pence’s own expenses.
Ocasio-Cortez isn’t the only one who found the backlash to be sexist. Many women came to her defense, arguing that the nearly $300 price tag wasn’t out of the ordinary and that she was being unfairly targeted because of her gender and politics.

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