Friday, 18 October 2019

Brit Hume needs just 4 words to put the Nancy Pelosi finger-wag photo in perspective

By now we’ve all seen this photo where Nancy Pelosi is hailed as some sort of hero for daring to stand up and wag her finger at the president:
But former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer points out that wagging your finger at the president was treated just a little bit differently when she did it to then President Obama:
The news media hails @SpeakerPelosi as a hero for pointing her finger at @POTUS @realDonaldTrump but when I stood up to @BarackObama I was vilified as rude and racist. Such Hypocrites!

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Yep. “Jan Brewer gets an earful from Obama in Ariz.”:

And here’s  Brit Hume putting it all in perspective with just four words:
Nailed it, Brit:
Over to you, media:
But Jan Brewer needs to understand that there is a very important difference between the situations. You see, Obama is a Democrat.
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