Tuesday, 8 October 2019

'Extinction Rebellion' Eco-Protester Dissolves Into Tears Over ‘Children’s Future’ [Video]

Watch as an “Extinction Rebellion” eco-protester dissolves into tears over his children’s future”
"I'm just a father of two children that's very frightened of their future."

As police attempt to remove activists, one protestor bursts into tears while chained to a car.
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Partial transcript:
PROTESTERS: “Extinction! Extinction! Extinction! Rebellion! Rebellion!”

REPORTER: “What’s your name?”
PROTESTER: “I’m just a father of two children that’s very frightened of their future.”
REPORTER: “How old are your children?”
PROTESTER: “They’re 10 months and four years.”
REPORTER: “Are you okay?”
REPORTER: “Can we see a picture? Those are your children?”
PROTESTER: “Yeah. (Crying)”
As you might expect reaction on Twitter was harsh:
He’s got 2 young children and he’s lay down on the road next to a car pretending to cry

Im frightened for his children too
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Well stop telling them horror stories then they won’t be scared just be honest man made climate change is a myth and nature will do as it wants no matter how many imbeciles glued themselves to things to disrupt people’s lives for no purpose.
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His kids are not safe with him

It's a death cult .... what If he decides to "save" them from the slow death he believes is coming.

This is mass hysteria and mental illness reactions to brainwashing of the gullible.
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