Friday, 11 October 2019

Joe Biden reminisces about when being gay meant bathhouses and round-the-clock sex

In case you didn’t know, now that the Democrats have had climate change town halls on both CNN and MSNBC, the subject has turned to LGBTQ issues, and nine Democratic candidates, handily laid out Brady Bunch-style, are talking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper tonight about LGBTQ issues.
CNN's LGBTQ Town Hall is on now. Nine Democratic presidential candidates are in Los Angeles talking about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer issues.

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CNN has been posting video clips to Twitter as the night drags on, but the one they haven’t posted is the one we’d most like to see (and will keep looking for) — the one where Biden remembers when the discourse around being gay was all about bathhouses and round-the-clock sex.
.....and now Biden pretends to kiss Anderson Cooper..?!?? I’m not sure I dig this “prove how down with queers I am by flirting with them” strategy

if you’re not watching this LGBTQ town hall, wow are you missing something strange. Biden just joked that he was about to come out as gay, then said the public discourse about gays used to be “all about round the clock sex”

Joe: "Gay bathhouses, round-the-clock sex!"

Anderson: "We're going to leave it there, Mr Vice President."


“Remember Anderson 15 or 20 years ago when we were in San Francisco reporting on the bath houses and the round the clock sex?”


“Okay Mr. Vice President we’re gonna leave it at that”

I was not expecting Biden's remarks to conclude with him rejecting fear-mongering about gay bathrooms and round the clock sex, but that certainly made it memorable.

Well, the Biden segment ended with the former VP saying that decades ago the talk was all about bathhouses and “round-the-clock sex,” so if you had that on your Bingo Card, CONGRATS! (He went on to say that gays get married now! 😬)

Hearing @JoeBiden say "gay bath houses and round the clock sex" on @CNN could not have been more Awkward if it came out of my own Dad's mouth.

Joe just said people think gays just go to “bath houses and have round the clock sex.” It was his phonograph moment in the

Listen I would have been fine going my entire life without hearing Joe Biden day “gay bathhouses! Round the clock sex!” but here we are.

Anyways, go to a bathhouse and have as much sex as you want. Queer liberation doesn’t mean monogamy!

I tuned in late, but did @JoeBiden just promise @andersoncooper round-the-clock gay sex in bathhouses open 24 hours a day?!

Gay bathhouses and round the clock sex is my new campaign slogan. Also, the strangest end to a Townhall I have seen.

"Gay bathhouses! it's all about round the clock sex, gay couples are more likely to stay together..." aaaaaand they just cut rambly Joe off

“We’re going to leave it there, Mr. Vice President.”

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