Sunday, 20 October 2019

John Kasich Kowtows to the Democrats, Now Wants Trump Impeached

Former Ohio governor and failed 2016 Republican presidential candidate John Kasich came out in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump this week.
Kasich made it a point Friday to tell CNN “Newsroom” anchor Ana Cabrera that, after years of disagreement with Trump’s leadership, the administration’s handling of the Ukraine scandal has finally pushed him “across the Rubicon” on the question of impeachment.
“Withholding military aid, vital military aid, to a nation like Ukraine, which has Russian troops inside its territory — that’s threatened all the time,” Kasich said.
“Withholding it so that a political operation can take place.”
“To me, it’s totally inappropriate,” Kasich said.
“It’s an abuse of power,” he added.
John Kasich tells Ana Cabrera that Trump should be impeached. "I say it with great sadness. This is not something that I really wanted to do. ...But this behavior, in my opinion, cannot be tolerated."
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The former Republican governor swore up and down that it pained him to finally come to the conclusion, mentioning a previous on-air debate in which he made a soft defense of the president.
Kasich said he was previously questioned whether the transcript of a July phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky indicated a leveraging of America foreign aid for political gain.
But, Kasich went on to tell Cabrera, “If you are asking me if I was sitting in the House of Representatives today and you were to ask me how do I feel, do I think impeachment should move forward and should go for a full examination and a trial in the United States Senate, my vote would be yes.”
Of course, it doesn’t take a tracker with years experience to spot the massive footprints of a lumbering Republican in Name Only.
Having taken a beating from Trump alongside Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida in the closing days of a tempestuous 2016 Republican presidential primary, Kasich did something rather unprecedented as the current administration got squared away in the White House.
While honest conservatives like Cruz, Rubio and fellow 2016 Republican primary candidate Sen. Rand Paul warmed to the president thanks to his deeply conservative federal court nominations and tax policy, Kasich went the way of #NeverTrump advocates Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake.
Kasich would quickly become a key figure in the minuscule anti-Trump Republican coalition, joining CNN as a senior political commentator.
Why stand on principle, locking arms with a president you have honest disagreements with and fighting back against the American left’s growing assault on free speech, religious liberty and due process, right?
It’s so much easier to sell your soul to the left-wing establishment media complex for a bit of spare cash and a few minutes in the limelight as the token “compassionate conservative” who teams up with the Democrats to attack Trump.
It’s a real shame bitter men like Kasich are too short-sighted to realize they will be thrown aside by the left at the first sign of trouble.
The moment they outlive their usefulness in taking on the Trump administration, it’s “hasta la vista, baby.”
Kasich and the #NeverTrump coalition certainly have a short memory if the media attacks on “racist” John McCain in 2008 and “homophobic” Romney four years later can be forgotten for a chance to go on television and take out their bitterness toward the man who shellacked them round-the-clock on the way to the White House.
Then again, nobody ever said it’s RINOs that never forget — just elephants.

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