Friday, 11 October 2019

Kirsten Gillibrand is glad to see women sharing their ‘real, powerful stories’ of pregnancy discrimination

We should have known that feminist, former 2020 candidate, and #MeToo champion Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand would jump into the fray and defend Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s ever-changing campaign story of being shown the door by the principal when she was “visibly pregnant,” even though in a 2007 interview she made it sound like the decision was entirely hers, as did school board minutes from the time.
Gillibrand, who invited rape-hoaxer “Mattress Girl” as her guest to the State of the Union address, has demonstrated that she’ll easily fall for a hoax if the narrative fits. But she seems to believe Warren’s story of pregnancy discrimination, or at least she’s glad that Warren’s “powerful story” has inspired other women to come forward with their “real” stories.
Pregnancy discrimination was a serious problem in 1971 and it continues to be a widespread issue today. The attacks on @ewarren for sharing her experiences are absurd, and I’m glad to see women sharing their real, powerful stories. We must do more to fight for workplace equality.

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You dropped out of the race, you know. You don’t have to pander for votes.
That didn’t stop her from fighting for women’s rights, even then.
I was quite aware of the limitations on women's rights in the 70s. I'm not Qing the reality back then, but the fact that Elizabeth Warren has changed her story. She has yet to explain why those stories are so different. Was she "shown the door" or did she resign?

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The question is not whether the discrimination women faced was real or not...we know it was. The question is whether Elizabeth Warren told the truth about her experience. And, there seems to be legitimate questions as to that.

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maybe people are just commenting on @ewarren's interview from 2007 when she said that job 'wasn't going to work for me'.

which is why the school accepted her resignation 'with regret'.

but as a young mother, @SenGillibrand is probably sensitive to this kind of lie.

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pregnancy discrimination is an issue. when warren lies about it, it detracts from others who’ve actually faced it.

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This. It's just hard to find her credible after watching her video saying otherwise. Plus, you know, the big issue before...

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And just like the historic plight of Native Americans, Elizabeth Warren wants to be part of it, facts be damned.

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Yes, @ewarren 's untruthful assertion that she was fired for being pregnant should not inhibit improvement and elimination of discrimination in any form.

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If they were true, i agree.....but they werent, just like her claims she was a Cherokee werent true.

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Gillibrand is trying to be nice to Warren so she might be picked as her Vice President if she is the nominee lol 😝

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