Friday, 18 October 2019

Let’s GET IT ON: All 9 Republicans on House Intel Committee call Adam Schiff OUT in brutally honest letter (screenshot)

It’s about time Republicans grew a pair and called Adam Schiff out for the partisan hackery BS he’s been pulling with these super-secretive interviews during impeachment hearings.
And luckily all nine of them on the House Intel Committee decided to send the man a letter.
Yeah, we know, it’s just a letter but at least it’s something and something is usually better than nothing.
All nine Republicans on House Intel Committee send letter to Chairman Schiff accusing him of 'withholding the existence of...documents from the minority.' List 21 letters. Also slam 'highly irregular manner' of impeachment investigation.

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Sounds like they’re onto you, Adam.
Now let’s see if anything comes of it although from what we’ve seen thus far, we’re not holding our breath.

@RepAdamSchiff doesn't care. He will do whatever he wants whenever he wants and to hell with everyone else. Democrats aren't known for ethical behavior. They ooze sneaky and underhanded

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He certainly does seem somewhat brazen in all of this.
I just can’t believe that 2 people in congress has more power than anybody else. This has to change. The way congress is treating the POTUS is shameful. We have given congress to much power and we must take it back.
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Fair question.
Excellent point … when you’ve lost Hurd.
Unbelievable, unethical, unprofessional, unfair, unprecedented & unauthorized ... how Shiff is running this secretive kangaroo court proceedings behind closed doors is a sham, fabricating stories to lie to & mislead the American people with selective leaks is a total disgrace!
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Total disgrace.

Just about sums Adam up.

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