Friday, 11 October 2019

Not only no but HELL NO: Whistleblower attorneys ask Congress to allow his testimony to be submitted in WRITING

Now, why oh why do you think the leaker’s … err, sorry … whistleblower’s attorneys would want him to be able to submit his testimony in writing? Surely someone who is coming forward to protect the country from the evil orange man would want to do that in person and out in the open so Americans can see their great rescuer, right?
This is all such a joke.
Absolutely. His attorneys want to be able to control the narrative, control his answers …
We’re dealing with some shady-a*s stuff here, folks.

So much no.
No no no.
Not happening.
No no no no no... If you’re important enough to insert yourself into a national political issue, you get to answer questions from both sides - live and on the spot.
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Otherwise STFU.
They thought they could somehow blame Russia for Hillary being a horrible candidate too. We’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box here.
We didn’t say it.
We nodded a lot reading this tweet.
We agreed with it.
We included it in this piece.
But we didn’t say it.
The ‘Esq’ in his handle is hilarious, yes?
No written testimony. President @realDonaldTrump has a right to face his accuser and his attorneys have a right to evaluate, probe, cross examine and challenge him.
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So, there is no real whistleblower. This is all a fraud and no one wants to show up in person to take responsibility for this fiasco. Democrats are the lowest life form on the planet. And they are dumber than dirt.
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We’re thinking they’re all desperate at this point.

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