Friday, 18 October 2019

‘She’s a HATEFUL person’: Soledad O’Brien uses the Kurds to attack ‘white college educated women’ who voted for Trump

Nothing says you care about the Kurds like using them in a tweet shaming ‘white, college-educated women’ for voting for Trump.
Like this garbage tweet from Soledad O’Brien.
Now that the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds is underway—has anyone checked in on the White College Educated Women who voted for Trump?
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Imagine thinking this tweet would somehow convince white, college-educated women they shouldn’t vote for him again. Look, we get it, she’s still incapable of accepting Trump won (like many people with TDS), and plenty of folks are unsure what to think about what is happening in Syria. But if she really wants to make a difference with the voters, attacking them is not the way to go.
You’d think she’d have learned that from watching Hillary’s campaign crash and burn.
Like @RandPaul said, Congress should do their job, take a vote, and declare war. That is not the job of POTUS. But Congress first has to figure out who they will declare war against, and most don’t know enough to make an educated decision.
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Wait, it’s Congress’ job to decide whether or not we should be at war? WHO KNEW?!
And fair point on who exactly we’d be declaring war on.
What the heck is Soledad even talking about white college educated women? What’s her freaking point?
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She is trying to shame those women for voting in a way she disagrees with.
Classy, right?
Maybe they should consult foreign affairs expert LeBron James. He's probably educated himself on the topic. Do Kurds buy Nikes?
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It's not America's "job" to babysit Everyone on the planet & make them behave & play nice with each other
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Interesting how the only deaths these folks ever really concern themselves with are the ones that support their agenda.
Wonder why that is.

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