Monday, 25 November 2019

Americans KNOW it’s political: Mollie Hemingway’s thread spells bad news for Schiff and pro-impeachment folks

Boy oh boy, Adam Schiff and the Democrats had a HORRIBLE week.
And it’s only getting worse.
This article Mollie Hemingway shared in ‘threadette-form’ is not from Fox, or Breitbart, or TownHall … nope, it’s from Vanity Fair which makes is even WORSE news for ol’ Schiff For Brains and Co.
From Vanity Fair:
Alas, for the Democrats, the promising numbers of late October and early November rapidly dissipated, and polling numbers have reverted to a level more consistent with long-term opinions on President Trump. In the latest Politico/Morning Consult poll, released on November 19, Independents opposed impeachment and removal from office 46% to 39%, a number close to the rolling averages of the last few weeks. It is notable that the poll was fielded after the first public impeachment hearings.
The continue:
As the calendar turns into 2020 and voters pay more attention to the candidates, the cost of obscuring any positive messages will rise dramatically for the Democrats. As Fiorina said to me, the voting public is full of “lots of people who don’t like Trump who are still prepared to vote for him if [the Democrats] don’t nominate anyone reasonable.”

In other words, Americans aren’t as dumb as Democrats think they are and they know these hearings are nothing more than political theater being played out to pander for votes in an election they’re pretty sure will not go well for them. Don’t take our word for it, Mollie continued:
"By massive margins, Independents say that the impeachment issue is 'more important to politicians than it is to me' (62% to 22%) and 'more important to the media than it is to me' (61% to 23%)."
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Math is so racist and stuff.
A cold chill ought to be running through 'legacy media' at the sight of those numbers .The complete disconnect between msm and the public, is an entirely self inflicted wound, brought about by their own self -serving 'political activism' and a terrible betrayal of public trust
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I like that people are seeing the connection between politicians and the media, and ranking them the same.
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I'm an Independent who didn't vote for Trump in '16. I plan to vote for him '20 & donate to his campaign & to other staunch Republican conservatives. I live in an ultra-liberal, sanctuary county outside Blue DC. I will never vote ever for the Dems.
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Democrats have created a whole new voting bloc … for Trump.
Thanks Schiff!

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