Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Another Christopher Columbus Statue Vandalized, For the Second Time in Recent Weeks

A statue of Christopher Columbus in Providence, Rhode Island, has been vandalized for a second time in just over a month.

In both incidents, the statue was doused in red paint.
Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza’s office said on Monday that the vandalism had already been cleaned and that police are investigating.
AP News reports that Elorza is considering moving the statue from the city’s Elmwood neighborhood to the Federal Hill neighborhood, which is known for its Italian American community and Italian restaurants.
“It is a treasure,” Elorza said. “So if there’s a way that we can preserve it in a way that makes more sense and satisfies all the constituencies, then I’m all for that.”
The first incident took place on October 14, Columbus Day. The vandal also left a sign that said “stop celebrating genocide” next to the defaced statue.
The Providence statue was one of many Columbus memorials vandalized nationwide that day. One in Middletown, Connecticut, was defaced with the words “lies,” “redrum” and “rapist” painted in red.
AP reports that a “Columbus statue in the Southern California city of Chula Vista was also defaced Monday with red paint. In San Francisco, a Columbus statue at the foot of Coit Tower was vandalized sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning.”

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