Monday, 25 November 2019

PATHETIC: Byron York uses SHAMEFUL WaPo headline to show how QUICKLY the Left and media started trying to impeach Trump

Media have been trying to push Trump’s impeachment since before he even took office. Yeah yeah, they’ll pretend otherwise and claim they’re brave firefighters defending the country from the bad orange man trying to set it on fire but ultimately we all know better.
Heck, WaPo’s headline from just nineteen minutes after Trump was sworn in says it all …
From Washington Post on January 20, 2017 at 12:19 pm, when Trump had been president for 19 minutes:

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We see you, media.
We’ve always seen you.
I’m sure this was started in an office on the hill after the announcement that @realDonaldTrump had won the election.

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For all the overwrought “no president has ever...” both positive and negative regarding Trump, which nearly always proves to be inaccurate anyway... this is the first time in my memory a President didn’t get a “honeymoon” period at the start of his first term.

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Yup. Media and Democrats were ready to take him down the moment he was sworn in office (even before). And to be honest, it wasn’t really about Trump, but about the idea that they LOST … they couldn’t deal with it. Not to mention the media all but handed Trump the election, so they probably felt the need to somehow ‘make it right’.
According to Vanity Fair even, Americans see the entire impeachment circus as political and self-serving for the Democrats.
They are not doing themselves any favors.
Ain’t it great?
Plain as the nose on your face! The wheels were in progress BEFORE POTUS was even sworn in!
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And Democracy dies in darkness … yadda yadda yadda.

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