Monday, 4 November 2019

‘RENT-FREE in your big, bald head’: Brian Stelter’s whining about Trump’s Baghdadi comments even bores fellow CNN pundits (watch)

Brian Stelter would be a far more pleasant person if he would remove the rather large stick constantly wedged up his backside, just sayin’.
Seriously, Baghdadi has been dead for a week and Tater is still b*tching and moaning about how Trump described the POS terrorist’s last moments.
And he wonders why we all make fun of him.
All the available evidence indicates that Trump invented his claims about al-Baghdadi "whimpering" and "crying." We shouldn't get used to this...

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Even the gal in the middle is bored of this conversation … lots of ‘Hmm-mmms’ and looking down. And who could blame her?
You should devote a week's worth of news cycles on this critical and earth-moving 'news' story.

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We’re you there or something? No, you were getting your dome powdered by some unfortunate intern.

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When your hate for one man runs so deep you find yourself defending a child rapist who blows up his own children.

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Not a great look, Brian.
Hi Brian Stelter!

The President had planned to speak directly to unit members.@CNN has not done that because you all don’t have those privileges- you’d doxx the hell out of them.

So the President’s word is your available evidence-

Or you are calling the unit members liars.
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"When Trump delivered the 'whimpering' line, many officials assumed he had spoken to some of the commandos who carried out the raid -- but as of now the White House has not confirmed that he has done that," per CNN's reporting.
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We shouldn’t get used to the United States press making a hero of a terrorist who routinely used women and children as human shields and blew up his own family when he died. Your agenda is showing.
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Yeah, bro.

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