Friday, 22 November 2019

“The Left are Authoritarian Criminals Who Love Communist China!” – Alex Jones and His Battle Tank Return, Protest Apple in Texas (VIDEO)

Yesterday, outside of Apple HQ in Austin, Texas ahead of President Donald Trump’s planned visit to the location, Infowars founder Alex Jones rolled out his tank-like truck for another legendary bullhorning. You may remember Jones unveiling his new technique outside of a Hillary Clinton event earlier this month. 
According to an article appearing on the Infowars website and livestreams uploaded on Twitter, Jones used his bullhorn atop an armored personal carrier to criticize the Apple company over its inhumane sweatshop iPhone factories in China, yelling, “Apple is evil!”
“The Communist Chinese are censoring their people! President Trump should confront Tim Cook,” Jones yelled. “The left supports Communist China and their censorship! The left are authoritarian criminals who love Communist China!” 
While this type of method may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is becoming one of the only ways to smash through the censorship being placed on conservative commentators like Jones by big-tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They may take away our right to participate in the digital public square via our own accounts,  but they can’t delete everyone. Bullhorning is loud and in your face. It is guaranteed to get the attention of someone who hasn’t fallen victim to the thought-police and hopefully they share it for the world to see. 
As more and more of us get totally depersoned from the online realm, a return to this kind of in-person activism is less of a choice and more of a necessity in preserving our liberties and freedoms in America.

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