Friday, 8 November 2019

‘You’ll run out of money to steal’: @AG_Conservative SCHOOLS Bernie Sanders and his ‘tax Bill Gates’ plan with basic math

Bernie, socialism sucks, dude.
And no amount of spinning and marketing will change that …
Seems Bernie’s newest target is evil Bill Gates who apparently refused to say he’d vote for Elizabeth Warren over evil Donald Trump. How dare Gates be against an overreaching, giant federal government that wants to pick his pocket to pay for a bunch of free crap that keeps their vapid base voting for them.
Anyone else notice how quickly Bernie stopped babbling about taxing millionaires once he himself became one? It’s all just so dumb …
@AG_Conservative was good enough to take the cranky old socialist who yells at the sky apart in a thread and all he really needed was common sense and math.
Two forms of kryptonite for the Left.

Yeah, this editor has decided this phrase works in basically any story about how dense and out-of-touch the Left really is.
And c’mon, let’s not pretend Bernie actually cares about crashing the market or hurting the private world, he’s all about big government; that could well be a goal of his down the road.
The reason so many Americans have so much is because of people like Gates. Also, you can only take it from them once. Eventually you run out of other people’s money and have no one left who can create wealth. You won’t have another Gates to tax next year.
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Margaret Thatcher said it best, ‘Eventually you run out of other people’s money.’
If all you need to end homelessness is to 100 billion, why does CA have the worst homelessness problem in the country despite collecting hundreds of billions in tax revenue every year?

These people are economic illiterates but want to micromanage our lives and the economy.
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Because CA is a sh*thole.
Oh, well that and the idea that taxing evil rich people will solve all of our problems is hooey.
Communist states: They steal the wealth from people who add value and it gets wasted by bureaucrats who add ~0. New wealth isn’t created. Then they are shocked they ran out of other people’s money to steal so they print more. The money becomes worthless. People die.
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Socialism kills.
Sorry, not sorry.
“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” ... Margaret Thatcher.
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The fact that a politician wants to point their finger at an individual American +say “You are responsible for ending x problem so hand over your $$ to (irresponsible) govnt” is gross. Gates gives billions to charity and billions in taxes. I trust him to do more w/$$ than govnt.
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Socialism is gross.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

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