Saturday, 7 December 2019

83-Year-Old Iowa Man Who Confronted Quid-Pro-Joe Biden at Iowa Event Later Told Fellow Democrat to “Stick It Up Your A$$” When Told to Leave

The 83 year old Iowa man who was challenged to doing pushups by Joe Biden was later challenged by another man.  This time the 83-year-old asked the other man to step outside after telling him “Stick it up your a$$, fella”!

Joe Biden harassed a man in Iowa yesterday after being asked about his son Hunter –  

After the event, the media asked the Iowan what he thought of Biden and the 83 year old said that Biden won’t answer hard questions – 

Then another man in Iowa told the 83 year old to get lost to which the 83 year old said, “let’s step outside” – 

Just another Democrat mess that’s all.  Nothing to see here.

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