Saturday, 14 December 2019

Conservative 'Squad' Forms To Take On Liberal Squad Headed By AOC

There is finally an answer for the wacko crew known as the Squad, led by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
But do not expect the media and celebrities to fawn all over this group they way they do the liberal Squad, which also consists of Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley.
This group of no nonsense, take no prisoners women is not promoting socialism, they are for traditional American values.
Alabama congressional candidate Jessica Taylor had previously appeared on “Fox & Friends” and said it was time for a new generation of conservatives to step to the forefront and fight the ideology of the liberal squad.
She followed that with a campaign ad where she said she was “sick of arrogant socialists like AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), who’ve never even run a lemonade stand, trying to tell us how to live in Alabama and that more government is the answer.” 
And on Thursday she appeared again on the Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends” with the new, conservative, Squad she said she wanted.
The conservative Squad is made of, South Carolina congressional candidate Nancy Mace, along with Minnesota congressional candidate Michelle Fischbach and Texas congressional candidate Beth Van Duyne.
“This is about bringing the conservative message to the people of the United States,” Fischbach said to the hosts.
“So that people understand that we’re looking at do-nothing Democrats. They are obsessing about impeachment and not really doing anything for the people of the United States anymore,” she said.
Mace said that the fight was about traditional American values versus the creeping specter of socialism coming from the Democrats.
“The Democrats, they have taken a sharp left turn under the influence of the socialist squad. And, you look at us and this is socialism versus the American values of freedom and job creation.
“And, we all understand up here today that people flourish under freedom. And, 2020 next year is pivotal for our country,” she said.
“We see so many women across the country right now, Republican women, who are picking up the mantle and want to serve,” she said.
“I look right now and we really do have a Congress that is run by extremists,” Van Duyne said. “And, it’s dangerous for America because they are really not doing anything.”
She said that the Democrats do not have any solutions for the crumbling infrastructure, the border or for healthcare costs.
“Instead, all we have seen is a focus on impeachment and it is political theater. And, that’s at a cost to public policy,” she said.
It is unlikely that these women are going to be appearing on any late-night talk shows or have the media fawning over their every word.
There will be no comic books featuring them and no Netflix specials about them, but what they do have is a plan for the future.
And that plan does not include a slow creep into socialism, but rather the promise of traditional American principles of hard work and self-determination.
It gives Americans a choice, and the choice is a future of prosperity or a future of becoming the next Venezuela.

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