Thursday, 12 December 2019

FLASHBACK: Video Montage of Deep State Hacks Pushing Unverified Trash and Bar Room Banter Steele Dossier as Means to Spy on President Trump

Obama’s Deep State elites lied to Americans for years about the Steele dossier and spying on candidate and then President Trump. 
And the liberal mainstream media pushed this piece of trash dossier as a legitimate investigative report.

On Monday in the IG report it was revealed, as we predicted, the Trump hooker golden shower story in the dossier was completely made up in a bar over beers.

The FBI ran with it.
They knew it was trash.
And yet the anti-Trump Deep State leaders used this report in their attempt to remove President Trump from office.
Flashback video via M3thods

And Twitter investigator Techno Fog published a long list of liberal media elites who promoted the junk dossier as fact.

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