Tuesday, 17 December 2019

REMINDER: MELT THE PHONES! Here are the 31 Freshmen Democrats — Let Them Know How You Feel on This Sham Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi, Serial liar Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Democrats continue to lose the trust of the American public as they pursue their unprecedented politically motivated impeachment of President Trump.
Democrats changed the rules, stacked the hearings with second-hand and third-hand witnesses, blocked Republicans from their day of witnesses, cut off Republicans from any decisions or requested witnesses, blocked Republicans and the White House from interviewing their original “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella who is linked to Schiff, John Brennan, Susan Rice and Joe Biden.
Democrats blocked the White House from confronting their accuser, interrogating their accuser and providing witnesses  – a basic right of every American citizen.
The entire process has been a complete sham.
There are 31 Democrats who are representing districts President Trump won in 2016.
These 31 Democrats WILL LOSE THEIR SEAT if they DARE to vote for this sham impeachment!
As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this week — at least 9 House Democrats are already waffling.

Doug Ross posted this contact list…

Donald Trump Jr. on Saturday tweeted out the contact information for these freshmen Democrats.

Please contact these Democrats and let them know the American people will NEVER forget this attempted overthrow of government!

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