Friday, 24 January 2020

Roger Stone Breaks Silence: Democrat Impeachment Hearings “Boring”, Biden “Dead Meat” (VIDEO)

Speaking for the first time months in an appearance with Newsmax TV’s John Cardillio, Trump advisor and longtime confidante Roger Stone was firing on all cylinders in defending his friend of over 40 years and taking a literal dump all over the Democrat impeachment scam.
“The Democrats have nothing else to run on other than WE HATE TRUMP,” Stone explained in his Thursday afternoon appearance.
He went on to discuss how the candidacy of Mike Bloomberg is starting to make sense, given the fact that Joe Biden and other leading Democrats are “dead on arrival”, giving Bloomberg a potential lane to front-runner status given the fact that he has a billion dollar net-worth to tap if needed.
“Bernie is going to sweep the early contests and Biden will not even finish in the top-three. Bloomberg is going for the not-insane corporate Democrat constituency.”

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