Saturday, 25 January 2020

“They Virtually Accused President of Being Russian Asset, of Having KGB Email Address” – Jonathan Turley Breaks the News to CBS Hacks that Democrats Just Lost Their Case (VIDEO)

As Law professor Jonathan Turley explained, Democrats “lost” this case today with arguments based more on “passion than persuasion.”
Democrats overshot again.
They can’t help themselves.
Jonathan Turley broke it down to them today.
Jonathan Turley:  It might have been a touch too much.  It may have been more passion than persuasion because they went so far that they virtually accused the president of being a Russian asset and just short of having a KGB email address.  It was very stinging language.  But in some ways you have to know your jury.  If that’s what you’re trying to get them to embrace, if that’s what you’re trying to get them to vote on in their verdict,  then you just lost your case.  Because there’s no way those Republican senators are going to buy that narrative.
Democrats’ obstruction article doesn’t pass the smell test.
President Trump has been completely transparent by releasing both of the transcripts of his calls with the President of Ukraine.
Furthermore, President Trump is exercising his constitutionally protected separation of powers.

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